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Posted: November 20, 2006 at 7:55 pm

I just put up new photos in the gallery.
There are photos of the new bunny room and also October and November photos.
Carol, you will have to correct me as I don’t know which bunny is Tu and which bunny is Ruddy so I had to guess.

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  • Jean says

    Aw, those are just awesome, Nicole. Makes me smile just to look at them – such wonderful animals, each unique, each such a character!
    Petunia is such a happy pig now – her head is up and you can see her eyes and her happy smile and wagging tail – that second picture of her captures her so well. She is so funny the way she grabs mouthsful of hay and carries it around the barn to whereever she wants it (a little redecorating!), and poops in everyone’s stalls. She showed some interest in her ball today – waddled after it a little when I rolled it down the barn floor. I think she was hoping it was a pumpkin though – when she discovered it was a ball, she looked quite disapppointed.

  • Chris says

    That room is wonderful! So cheery! 🙂
    I love all the pics. 🙂

  • Carol says

    you got the bunnies right nicole tu is white and rudy is black…great photos!!!!

  • Maureen says

    Wow , great photos, I completly enjoyed looking at them , I love the sheep, Baby Jack has to be the cutest sheep around, he’s always grinning .

    Thanks so much for taking & posting them !!!

  • The bunny room looks great guys! I’m trying to figure out which room that was…..when I was there at the beginning of this year, the bunny room was smaller (?) It looks so cute now 🙂

  • Carol says

    the new bunny room is the old wrecked carport!

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