Posted: November 23, 2006 at 10:21 pm

after that huge deep, heart warming thought of how great are the animals at saints…i get off the phone to eva and walk into the cat room to find tang, and sunny and beaver torturing a mouse and i can’t get the little sucker to save him. he has gone into hiding, i am sure he is severely injured and those bloody cats are still skulking around trying to find him…grhhh..i almost had him til sunny flipped him thru the air, right past my head, freaked me out and made me run and now the little wounded bastard is missing. oh i could just kill them!!!!!

ok, so i personally haven’t grown all that much. (but the potential is there)

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  • Carol says

    the mouse is dead. he was laid out between a sleeping jack and cedric on their soft bed. the fruit loop boys are twisted.

    hester who is a nice cat and is not twisted, looks perkier and more interested this morning. she, however still will not eat. i don’t know what to do. i suppose the answer will show up sometime today.

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