Trapped at SAINTS

Posted: November 27, 2006 at 8:51 am

not by snow…well maybe we are, but i wouldn’t know that because we are trapped in the kitchen. radar has shifted position. he has closed the gate to the front door and is parked up against it so we can’t get out. it takes hours to move him if i can get near enough to annoy him enough to shift an inch or two at a time. i can’t do that now, and all the dogs have to go pee.

oh why or why did i not go sit in a snow bank last night and find some peace. i could have taken radar with me.

5 Comments on "Trapped at SAINTS"

  • Jean says

    Oh cr*p. I suppose I could drive over there and try to coax him away from the other side? Is there a suit of armour I can borrow?

    Or you could climb out a window and go around to the front door…..????

  • Julie says

    You could always climb out the bedroom window, and go round the house, in through the dog room, that way you could at least check the food in there. oh wait your boots are probably by said front door currently baracaded by a cranky biting Radar.. hmm.. another door! you need another door! now where to put said door?… the laundry room! that’s it! take out the window and put in a door! that won’t solve your current problem but tis a thought. right ok.. umm.. going..

  • Carol says

    ok, thx guys…i will just climb out the freaking window, i am soooo looking forward to today.

  • Deb says

    You could always climb up the chimney, crawl across the roof and shimmy down a drainpipe…..what? no chimney? You could hack through the floor, dig a tunnel and make a run for it……

    Radar sounds like a charmer….not. The upside must be that Michael now looks like Mr. Personality.

  • Carol says

    michael does look a heck of alot better lately!

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