an extreme senior horse in need

Posted: November 30, 2006 at 6:03 pm

sadie is 34 yrs old mare, her property is sold as of this coming wednsday and she currently has no where to go. there is no way we can find a spot for here til those donkeys move to their new place and i don’t know when that will be. please ask around. thx.

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  • Jean says

    Carol, is this the same one as you posted about a few days ago, or are there now two senior horses needing refuge?

  • Carol says

    two senior horses…one is 25-26 the other is 34…really sad!

  • Janice says

    Did some one psot on Brindle about these guys? There are rescuers out in the Valley and no sorry don’t knwo them. Circle soemthing i think?

  • Carol says

    can you post them please and thank you

  • Jean says

    I’ve posted them on Brindle, Carol.

  • Jean says

    Carol, do you know the sex of the 25-26 year old (mare? gelding?) and also whether either of them have significant health issues other than being old?

  • Carol says

    she is a mare too…i think she is fine
    sadie the 34 yr old apparently has had a non growing melanoma under her tail for more than ten years (which tells me it probably isn’t a melanoma, but whatever) and other than that is healthy too. but she is OLD so healthy is only skin deep so to speak. i am sure she is wearing out somewhere.

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