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Posted: December 18, 2006 at 11:40 pm

There are new photos up in the photo gallery, mostly from Saturday past of the barnguys and the dogs in the field. I will still add more to it as I need to get pics of the new windchime tree (which is already looking full) and the christmas tree (which has amazingly not been knocked over/eaten) in the dog room.
Spritely was moving really well (by the way everyone – she is in need of monthly sponsorships as her new medication is working well on her leg, but it comes at a price and a big one at that. Gideon was moving like a horse half his age (it didn’t help that Roxi was running around in the field) and Andy actually came out for a walk with us, even with Phoebe there.

7 Comments on "new photos"

  • Judy B says

    Awesome pictures Nicole, I love the updates. Great job, I especially like the horse pictures… they are beauties!

  • Maureen says

    Once again Nicole, you have made my day.. I LOVE looking at your pictures… I would like a E-mail pic of Baby jack if I can get one… I want to have it printed & keep it at my desk.

  • Nicole says

    i have some better ones of baby jack already printed. i’ll bring them this weekend for you.

  • Maureen says

    Gosh I just looked at those pictures again & I feel all warm & fuzzy inside.. doesn’t Andy look so freaking cute !!! toodling along after Lexi , what a doll & Jackie with her faced mushed threw the screen. I was feeling sorta low & now I have a smile.. Thanks again Nicole.

  • Rae says

    The pictures are great but my question is…. where the hell did all the snow go? I still have s foot of it here and I have had enough.

  • Carol says

    lol rae…not only does hope ebb and tide here, but so does snow! you should move to mission, you could be our neighbor.

  • Erica says

    you do take really great pictures Nicole!

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