New Volunteer Area on SAINTS Website

Posted: December 21, 2006 at 5:11 pm

There has been an addition to the SAINTS website. As some of you know I have been working on a database for SAINTS that would contain all relevant information. Several of you have helped with this daunting task! Most of all we had to extract the information out of Carol’s head and make her sit still long enough to get it done!!!

To access the new site click on this link: . You will need a username and password from Nicole in order to get in. We hope to eventually have Carol’s schedule, a volunteer schedule and all events posted on the volunteer site. All of the information about the animals is now up. If there is anything you would like to see on this site or you have a suggestion to make it better please let me know!!! Enjoy!

20 Comments on "New Volunteer Area on SAINTS Website"

  • Donna says

    Being that Wilbur is my second favorite Saint (Bill being first), could someone remove the word “fat” from his bio. Poor Wilbur is pretty skinny now, and the word “fat ” in the first line of his bio doesn’t fit anymore.

  • hidfh says

    i have to update all the bio’s, some are 2 years old sigh. yes sadly wilbur is no longer fat, and it doesn’t look like he will ever get back up to that hefty size ever again…he looks so frail now, the vet is pleased but i am not. he was way healthier when he was a mini mastiff and not a mere pug. i am glad wilbur and bill are your favorites donna, mine too!

  • hidfh says

    oh and chris, the blog kicked me off, i can comment but no more blogging…i told jean i was going to have to find another site to emotionally dump on now.

  • Chris Thomas says

    FYI – hidfh is Carol in case anyone is wondering. Nicole we reset her password today and while it works on my computer it does not work on hers. Can you help???

  • hidfh says

    maybe i like being hidfh now. i am going back to brindle, i bet i can still post on there!

  • hidfh says

    i am going thru blogging withdrawal!!! here’s my thought for today, not sure which one put it into my head.

    i wonder?

    have you ever considered what happens at the end of our days?
    do you think someone was watching our good and bad ways?

    does god really know that i lived a alone on a chain,
    in the dark of the night and the cold of the rain?
    could he feel my fur matted, could he feel my deep pain?

    does he know how i suffered there year after year,
    and will he tell you that now you have something to fear?

    will he make you come back and live in my life,
    that was barren of kindness but full of sad strife?

    will he turn his back on you and just walk away,
    like you did to me daily, day after day?

    will he one day take pity and then set you free so that you can start over and be glad you aren’t me?
    i wonder.

  • Jean says

    Another “wow!” poem, Carol – the kind that makes me suck in my breath and brings tears to my eyes. And the saddest part of all is that it could have been written by so many of the dogs at SAINTS – or by several others that have peripherally passed through my life this past month.

    Nicole, fix her blogging rights! She may be going into blogging withdrawal, but the rest of us will go into withdrawal with her. And while you’re at it – remember when you reset my password? It still doesn’t work – I still have to use that other weird one that I can’t remember. Can you try fixing that again, too?

  • info says

    way to early to be complaining.
    everything is fixed, carol i moved your post and jean i fixed your password, it’s back to what it was last (i think)

  • Jean says

    Hahaha – thank Nicole. What do you mean “way too early?”, I’ve been up for hours.
    And I just noticed….my name in the comment box now says “Petunia” – I’ll change it manually, but guess I better test things out to see what password works and what doesn’t and to discover who I really am!

  • Jean says

    WaaaaaH!!!! Now it has suspended my blogging rights – I can’t log in under either password!!!
    Carol, is this a conspiracy to shut us both up for a while, do you think?

  • Jean says

    Forget that, Nicole – it works now. (How come I can’t delete my own comment?).

  • hidft says

    thx nicole, good answer, that made me laugh!

  • Chris Thomas says

    Ok, this is becoming a conspiracy! Carol is trying to make us work. She keeps changing her name so she has to be approved all the time. Now she is hidft!!! What is up with that?

    This blog gets some serious spam! Nicole – is there anyway to turn on something where people would have to type in characters in order to post comments? I probably deleted 50 of them last night alone.

  • hidft says

    sorry chris…it was me i was doing a funny but i spelled it wrong!

  • info says

    the spammers aren’t blocked from posting, but their comments aren’t approved so they don’t actually show up on the blog (only recently changed).
    Is everyone’s access working properly now?

  • Mo says

    Yikes this is a test… I also need a paaword for the new section… or is it the same as my Blog password ?

    I’m sneaking on here at work… Heh Heh Heh !!!

  • nicole says

    I’ll email all the regular volunteers their passwords tonight. Any new volunteers who would like access please email me at
    Mo you’re gonna get in trouble!

  • Maureen says

    Fortunatley being in trouble is not uncommon for me… so I no longer really worry about it !!! What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger… I am woman .. hear me ROAR !!!!… or MEOW

  • Julie says

    just testing.. 1.. 2.. 3..

  • hidfh says

    i still can’t blog, good thing i have nothing to say tonight!

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