SAINTS welcomes “Handsome Dexter”

Posted: December 31, 2006 at 9:55 pm

he is just like a chocolate coated shamus and watching this very old and wrecked dog waiting in the freezing pond for someone to please throw him another stick, just melts you into a pile of goo. gosh he is sweet. he had  THREE field runs today and he keeps going to the back gate hoping for more. he has a large malignant mass on his hip so he is not with us for long but boy are we gonna spoil him rotten for every second that we can! Dex is a doll, he lets me wrap him up in fleecy’s and he really likes deb’s banana bread too. my kind of guy, i love labs, they live right up until the very last moment.

4 Comments on "SAINTS welcomes “Handsome Dexter”"

  • Rae says

    He sounds wonderful Carol. Welcome Dexter, welcome to the land of Banana Bread, Timbits, pizza, runs in the field, and wonderful hugs!!!!!

  • Chris T says

    A big welcome to Dexter. I am sure that Deb will keep the treats flowing to SAINTS!

  • Jean says

    Hmmmmm….sounds like I’m gonna have competition for the yummy goodies that come from Deb’s kitchen. But for a lab? Ahhhhh, my favourite breed – I’ll share. Heck, I’ll let you have them all. Well, nearly all.

    Can’t wait to meet you, Dexter!

  • Deb says

    “Handsome Dexter” will no doubt morph into “Sexy Dexy”. I can’t wait to meet the chocolate covered dream dog.

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