Some things are NOT meant to be shared….

Posted: January 8, 2007 at 6:14 pm

I think it is awesome the way Carol shares her space, her time, her food, her knowledge, her wisdom…..

I just wish she didn’t share her flu bug.

And since I don’t have any chicken soup, I guess I’ll just pour a shot of scotch, curl up in a cosy comforter, and feel sorry for myself.


8 Comments on "Some things are NOT meant to be shared…."

  • Carol says

    i have organic, free range chicken soup…chris made it for me!

  • Jean says

    Sh*t that is SO unfair. I don’t even feel like dragging myself over there for some.


  • Chris T says

    I am sorry Jean…Carol has some…?? Or did she eat it all?

  • Deb says

    Angelina and I are going to the Sanctuary tomorrow, Jean, and we will drop off some soup en route.

  • Carol says

    lol…she learned to whine well from me!

  • Jean says

    Heheheh…Ilearned from the very best, didn’t I Carol?

    Deb, unless I’m six feet under I have to go to work in the morning – at least long enough to hand out the course syllabus and give them their first assignment. But if I still feel like death warmed over, I’ll be home by noon.

  • Deb says

    If you aren’t there, I’ll leave the soup by the back door. Are Charley and Isaac out of liver brownies yet? We can bring some of those, too.

  • Jean says

    There are a few liver brownies left, but Isaac says to tell you that he will be all out of them by morning!! Silly Isaac!!

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