food issues

Posted: January 29, 2007 at 1:53 pm

not even 2 pm yet and i am tired, but the catroom is done, i have done a couple of loads of laundry, and the meds are finished. so…i am going to rest up for a couple of hours and then go out with julie to the barn tonight. i will make them come in nice and then sing to them while she feeds and medicates.

there are too many princesses here. there is princess maudie who whines and complains constantly to get me to bed or to take her for a run. there is princess mable may who will take her meds in cheese but not in icky canned cat food. there is princess jack who wants a personal feeder on hand at all times. there is princess dixie chick who needs her canned food delivered to the outside cat run if i am feeding early (which i did) because she is not coming in early no matter what. and as always there is princess carol who wants a motorized chariot to ride around on to survey her kingdom and all it’s inhabitants. sigh, princesses should get a life.

so the animals have figured out that i won’t actually run them over if i can help it. their new trick is to surround me when i am eating something good and park themselves in a complete circle so i have no choice but to stop and feel their desperate collective need to share. i had sandy’s tiny toes right under the edge of my wheel and still he sat, carved in stone. the chi’s, cedric, maude, mable, jack and wilbur, a solid wall of hungry dog. they don’t give an inch when food is in play. little greedy buggers, i fed them all canned food off a spoon before i made my own lunch. bill is a bit of a greedy beast right now. he was jumping up after the spoon and grabbing it before i could reach over to cole. andy stood with his feet on my lap to ensure the best position to get some more. jazz just straddled and sat on my cast so i couldn’t get away. gosh, you would think they were all starving the way they focus on a spoonful of food.

trev has good manners tho. he waits on the couch for me to wheel over and hand deliver his ice cream (it has meds in it).

anyway, everyone had a treat and are now sleeping, so i guess it is a good time for me to join them.

3 pm edit….scrap the rest idea….maude and norton got into a yelling match in the bedroom over sam and endora’s food….they totally wrecked sleepyhood, besides, my non injured foot is freezing again. i wonder if i can suck julie into joining me for a detour before the barn…london drugs has magic bags.

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