moses passed peacefully at 1pm today.

Posted: February 6, 2007 at 1:42 pm


7 Comments on "moses passed peacefully at 1pm today."

  • Deb says

    Goodbye good dog. You were well loved by many, and will be missed terribly. Shalom Moshe.

  • Chris T says

    Rest peacefully Moses.

  • Julie says

    You are loved Moses.

  • Gerald says

    You are indeed, loved. You are love. Thank you for being you.

  • liz says

    I am so sorry, I have been reading your blog Carol, and cried when you first said that Moses’ time had come. All I think of is how lucky these souls are to be in your company, although I know that you think that they could have a better life if they were adopted into certain homes.
    These animals have been blessed to be with you, and to end with you, you have given them a little piece of heaven.
    RIP sweet Moses, you will no longer feel any pain, watch over your mom, and take care of her.

  • Jean says

    Run free, Moses. Be the puppy you once were, with the wisdom you now have and full of the love you finally got to experience. You are so very special.

  • Ellen says

    Thank you Moses for allowing me into your life for a final few minutes last night. Your nuzzle was so warm and gentle. You hardly knew me, yet you welcomed me. Tonight you are at peace. Rest well.

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