it’s official…

Posted: February 11, 2007 at 8:04 pm

I have adopted Honey and Sandy. It was something I ‘regreted’ doing with Ozzie, not sure why cause I knew she was mine and she knew I was hers. But with Honey and Sandy I have to license them (i know, i know, deb, i was supposed to do this a while ago) and i need the adoption papers saying they are spayed. So I have moved them to the happy tails section. yeah!



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  • Rae says

    Yeah Nicole, Honey and Sandy!!!!!

  • Jean says

    Yayayayay!!!! I must have known – someone contacted me just today and asked about Sandy as a possibility for someone they know – and I said she was in foster care with you and I was betting you’d be adopting her!!! (And when I mentioned this to Carol, she didn’t bat an eye – as if she didn’t already know, ha ha, sneaky person!)

    Sandy and Honey, you are soooooo going to have a “happily every after”!

  • Julie says

    That’s wonderful Nicole! Pets to both your sweet girls.

  • Carol says

    i could not have asked for a better home for either of them. take care of nicole you guys, she is pretty special to all the rest of us too!

  • Ellen says

    Congratulations Nicole, Honey and Sandy.

    I had only met Sandy a few times, but when I met you Nicole at the work party and observed the interaction between you and Sandy, I thought to myself… How perfect these 2 are with each other! What a wonderfully happy ending for all of you.

  • Maureen says

    Whoo Hooo , Congratulations Honey , Sandy & Nicole , a very happy ending !!

  • liz says

    when I went to Saints and met Honey, something came over me and of course I started to cry. She seemed so sweet, and affectionate, yet I was a stranger to her. Its amazing how forgiving animals are. Congradulations to the 3 of you.

  • Chris T says

    Congratulations Nicole! Honey and Sandy are lucky too – you all have each other!

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