we need food if anyone has any.

Posted: April 4, 2007 at 3:28 pm

deb gets to post her pig rescue and her concerted effort to have all geriatric, palliative labs die happily insane in the pond.

i finally went thru all the food stores, most of the cat and dog food is so outdated it has to be taken to the dump. consequently we are getting low on food supplies, so if anyone was thinking of sending out some decent food, we need dry and canned cat and dog food. i bought a couple of cases of wet food for both today to tide us over, but it won’t last very long and neither will the dry food either. i am going to have to start checking the outdates on the donated food…some of the new stuff that just came in was well over a year out of date. i wish they would clearly put the expiration dates where you can easily see them, cuz gosh, some of them are hard to find.

deb gave jazz and bill and cole all a bath today. hurrah!!! the big guys fit in the new bathtub!!!!!

eva cleaned thru this place like a fiend today, holy smoke when i got home the place was absolutely shining. that was a really nice treat. of course deb and i got the dogs all wet and muddy so sadly it only looked good for a couple of hours.

HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, dump runs tomorrow, thank goodness greg and his brother are going to haul all the stuff away for us cuz it is WAY too much for me.

the new shelves in the store room look great, i really love the color in that room. greg mixed a bunch of left over paint to make it stretch and ended up with this really pale icy barely blue. it is so cool and peaceful in there just like being inside a bright and opague ice cube (with shelves). very cool!

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  • Jezebel says

    There’s a bunch of food at VAS Carol – if you can get someone to transport, feel free. 🙂

  • Deb says

    Okay, Mosey has a pathetic, sad, whiney voice for a dog of her size. I really expected a “woof”, like Dexter’s, she’s more a “woo”, like Jack’s. She loves to swim, though. Kinda off centre,like a half swamped canoe, just to make sure humans are paying attention. She’s a lovely dog, a more vocal version of sweet Bill,who was a total gentleman in the bathtub.
    I’m convinced our sweet Dex will end his life in the water, or at least in the lower pasture. If he keeps trying to take sticks from Tyra while he’s treading water, the end could come sooner rather than later, and it could be ugly. Phebes is as much of a freak as everyone says she is. Her saving grace is that she is devoted to Carol.

    I was getting the dogs ready to go for a walk, and Carol had gone ahead to close all the gates. When I walked into the yard, I heard Carol say, in the saddest, most heartbreaking voice, “Deb, I can’t find Ellie Mae.” Of course, the worst possible scenarios come to mind, but by the time I got ready to seriously search, Carol had found Ellie, stuck in the brambles just below the fence behind the chicken coop. Carol did her best “Come on Ellie Mae, you can do it. I’ll give you a banana.” The pig wasn’t moving. She had found, or made, a little island in this grove of blackberry bushes. My feet are sore, but Carol’s ankle is broken, so I was the natural choice for Operation Pig Rescue. Fortunately I was wearing rubber boots, so the damage from the thorns wasn’t so bad, but I thought it was funny when Carol saw blood on Ellie’s flank and said “Oh my God, Ellie’s bleeding.” I assured her the blood was mine, not Ellie’s, which calmed her down.
    Pigs really are smart, except when they get themselves stuck in blackberry bushes. She knew I had come to lead her out, and she let me guide her back through the least potentially damaging route. She stayed between me and the fence, and she managed to stay upright when I tripped over a root and fell on my ass.
    Carol tols Ellie to find some place to root. Hopefully next time she’s more explicit in her directions.

    Poor little Jersey Boy is feeling punky. He looked like something out of central casting for calf in a manger tonight, all cozy in his big bed of fresh straw. He didn’t stand up for his bottle, so I sat with him, his head in my lap, trying to keep the bottle at the proper angle. He is such a sweet little thing.

  • Carol says

    thx for saving her deb…we both would have been in big trouble if it was just her and me…and i am sorry your legs got cut up but you are right, i was really glad the blood wasn’t ellie’s…sigh, such a sad truth about me…..the really bad thing is i told her to root in those blackberry bushes, i just expected her to start at the bottom of the hill, not the top!

  • Marisa says

    If only everyone who eats animals could meet your Percy. He sounds like a wonderful ambassador for “meeting your meat”.

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