wanted ride to SAINTS from north van

Posted: April 24, 2007 at 3:40 pm

i had a nice call from a senior lady who many years ago used to do animal rescue herself. she would like to visit saints but doesn’t drive anymore. she can get a ride home from a friend in the afternoon but is hoping to find a carpool ride in the morning. and dopey me can’t remember if anyone who comes out here once in a while or on a regular basis is coming from north van.

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  • Anne Sleath says

    Hey Carol ….I hail from North Van but work so can’t make it out until the weekend. When is your friend hoping to get out there?


  • Carol says

    she said whenever someone is available, if you send me an email anne, i can send you her phone number…thx

  • Anne Sleath says

    E-mail sent Carol

  • Zoe says

    Carol- I will be coming out next week, so if your friend is still looking for someone from North Van, she is welcome to come with me. You can give her my email address by all means if she’s still looking!

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