heads up on dexter

Posted: April 27, 2007 at 7:32 pm

he is dropping tons of weight almost over night. he is still eating like a horse but he is becoming skeletal now. i think the cancer is literally eating him alive. he is comfortable on the pain meds, he still trots and swims and he is still a stick and ball  manaic through and through. but the end is no longer creeping slowly upon us, it is speeding forward much too fast. dexter belongs to all of us here, every single one of us adores him.

2 Comments on "heads up on dexter"

  • Deb says

    Not yet Dexter. Wait until summer. I want you to pass quietly, stretched out on the hill, the sun warming your body and drying your fur after you have exhausted youself chasing sticks bigger than you in the pond. Dexter, you are loved.

  • Carol says

    i just got a very kind email from angela in new york. she read about saints in modern dog magazine. she is sending a sponsorship for dex and she is sorry he is not doing well. it amazes me that someone so far away, knows and feels compassion for dexter. this is such an incredible world that we live in that an old, homeless and unwanted dog receives care and kindness from someone who lives three thousand miles away.
    ahhh dex, your heart is felt near and far, what a gift that is for you and for us all.

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