what a day to remember

Posted: June 30, 2007 at 4:50 pm

here are my highlights of a great, great day.

1. the barn yard rain/sun shelter is up and beautiful, the only thing left is to plywood and shingle the roof.

2. petunia’s rejected house is so very cute now all decked out in white with purple trim.

3. FINALLY the rafters in the outside chicken pen are painted cuz that has been bugging me for months.

4. the duke people ordered 10 large pizza’s from panago…our saintly ones are quite familiar with that box…there were ALOT of pizza thieves in our back yard today.

5. ellie mae went bezerke with the white fence painting crew, she was after those paint trays and snout deep in paint snorkling as fast as she could. mo tried to wrestle her out, ellie got mad and started screaming to beat the band and the fight was on…mo won, yay mo! ellie is now a pink and white pig.

6. copper asleep on top of the picnic table just in case the pizza came back.

7. 2 little girls chasing a 350 pound pig loose in the back yard with all the food, “ellie come, come ellie…” in their very sweet childish voices…we really needed a cattle prod.

8. half a dozen dogs surrounding and sitting in front of a backhoe begging cuz the back hoe driver was eating some of their pizza.

9. a dozen dogs all asleep in the backyard grass at the end of one of the very best days of their entire lives.

10…and my very favorite…tiny 18 yr old tom, the chicken killer, at the chicken fence barking his head off for them to come where he could reach them cuz he was hungry…our smallest chicken is twice the size of tom…but his appitite is big.

THANK YOU SPECTRA ENERGY FOR A VERY WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!! (next year they want to build us a dock for the pond!!!)


4 Comments on "what a day to remember"

  • Chris T says

    I am so glad to hear the day went well! Some of those images are hysterical!

  • Jean says

    Sounds like a great day. I love the image of Ellie paint snorkling. Oh Ellie, you silly pig!

  • Sharla says

    Carol I’m so happy you had a great day, it was overdue 🙂

  • Carol says

    dex had a great day too…he was one of the back hoe ambushers…he hopefully followed that beloved pizza all over his world. his dedication and optimism paid off, he ate alot of pizza.

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