Best Friends online story

Posted: November 6, 2007 at 9:31 pm

Unlike Carol, I can type with capitals. The Best Friends story can be found here

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  • Deb says

    They spelled Carol’s name wrong! She’s actually the only “Hine” I know. There are many, many “Hines” in Eastern Canada, but nobody else I know is minus the “s”.

  • Carol says

    i am minus a few things…like a few bricks short of a load…it makes me unique.

  • Shelley says

    Oops… I think… the article says you’ve been opened since 1994…

  • Carol says

    i think it was a typo cuz she got the background off the website…should be 2004…ah well, i have been doing rescue since long before 1994 (but i didn’t start worrying about FeLV cats til 1999)..i was mostly into dogs before then and the odd ringwormy mama and kittens…i always felt sorry for the ringwormers cuz they were routinely euth’d for that…we have actually come a long way in just a few short years, not too many shelters euth for ringworm any more but 10 years ago it was common. opefully the same will one day be true for the feleuks.

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