omg, omg, omg…

Posted: November 13, 2007 at 8:24 am

today is my last day off and my last of multiples off. back to the 5 on 2 off that kill me and i didn’t get my personal laundry done…actually i didn’t get any laundry at all hardly done. thank good ness for lynn and all the loads she took home. i am going out to feed and loose the barn beasts and then screw everything else.

i am going to the laundry mat and i AM GOING TO GET IT ALL DONE! and then i will come back here and worry about cleaning the barn and the house. and while i am at the laundry mat and the laundry is going thru, I AM GOING OVER TO MATUS APPLIANCES AND FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO DO.

this is of course all my own fault…i get busy and forget to call them during the day and by the time i am seriously trying to push thru laundry and i remember, the store has already closed.

if someone doesn’t fix my problem soon , i suggest everyone quit reading the blog cuz i will be spending the rest of my life dedicated to writing ruinous reminders to everyone not to ever buy a bosche.

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