bond is home

Posted: February 4, 2008 at 7:21 pm

and doing great but missy is dying. last ditch game plan looking for a miracle for missy is just not going to happen. she is comfortable but has basically taken to her bed now. i am not shoving anymore stuff down her throat, she doesn’t like it and she is preparing herself for the end and should be allowed to do this in peace. if she survives the night, i will try to arrange to get off work early and take her into the clinic to help her to pass easily.

percy tried to beat gregs truck out of the riding ring and to the main gate when he was finished unloading the supplies, but eva and i were too quick for him and shut the gate on his “eager to escape again” nose. holy smoke that calf is quick tho…he went flipping and bucking all over the ring, mad because he was thwarted in his planned escape. bad calf.

ellie was especially beautiful today, i got to cuddle and kiss her in her bed of straw on my lunch break. and tunie has the whole dinner thing down to an art, until eva walked off with her bowl..that bewildered her for a bit but eva did bring it back.

time to see what happened to shakespear the meerkat, cuz tammy brought me over season 2…i hope he survived but i am afraid he didn’t, so i will grab sweet pea, cuddles and pugsy and find out tonight…who would have thought a true life nature show could be so soap opera addictng?

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