i am not in a great mood

Posted: March 13, 2008 at 6:10 pm

work sucks, the hospitals are in crises and sending patients back out into the community where we don’t have enough nurses to keep up with the new admissions. there goes my day off on saturday.

it is not much better here right now…the phone starts ringing at 7 am and keeps ringing some nights right up til midnight…it can ring all it wants, i am tired and not answering it ever again. i am going to have to do something about the dogs…every time i get the dogs settled, someone shows up and they start all over again. we are in perpetual barking chaos and it is starting to get on my one last nerve…i am sure it is bugging the neighbors too.

spritely’s leg looks horrid, pugsy is still having pain from her surgery, sparkles looks like the pig-pen of ponies tonight and i am still messed up over tally. this place needs a building by building, corner to corner, strip down and clean….. and that is all bugging me too.

i was talking to my daughter tonight, she said i need a vacation. i don’t think so, i need something more satisfying….one of the nurses got clerical to purchase us a deceased stamp. now we can stamp deceased on our documentation. it looks neat and tidy but it also stands out right in your face. i asked for a different stamp, one that i think would be more useful on the really bad days but my bosses say i can’t have it (i know they want one too)…i wonder if the saints board will let me get one for here….sigh, probably not.

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  • Mo says

    I hate weeks like those.. hope it get s better fast !!

    Seeing how I know you are not answering the phone & I really want to talk with Tammy and don’t have her pnoe # or E-mail add .. I’ll use the blog for my communication.. totally not SAINTS related but here goes

    Tammy if you are reading this guess what ? I lost the coupon ( surprise surprise ) and can’t remember if this was the week that coffeemaker is on sale.. I can’t get to Costco anyhow .. soooo I was wondering if you could pick one up for me & I”ll pay you this week-end ? I’ll make you coffee in it .. with Baileys

  • Carol says

    tammy told me something about that coffee maker to tell you but i forget what she said.

  • Alison says

    Hi – I am just a frequent blog reader who has been wondering what I can do to help SAINTS but I don’t live nearby. If it would be possible to pull off and ultimately useful, I would join a spring clean up crew for a day. Of course I understand if the idea of having a bunch of untrained folks with buckets of soapy water wandering around your place just adds to stress.

  • Nicole says

    Alison, we do usually have a few clean up days a year.
    No worries about being untrained as within a short time of being at saints you become pretty handy with a mop, it’s inevitable.
    I’ll check with Carol for days off and we will probably organize one in the next month or so.
    you can email me at info@saintsrescue.ca if you have any more ideas for the clean up day.

  • Carol says

    ah alison…we can soooo put the willing to work, and even put them to work where they get to have alot of fun with the beasties(whom i don’t think are all that fun this morning by the way!)

  • Tammy says

    Hi Mo,
    I’ll pick up a coffee maker for you and see you on saturday or sunday.

  • Heidi says

    allison, if langley is any closer to saints than you are then you are welcome to stay with me. I have an extra bed and bath. If you don’t mind sharing with my cat and dog.

  • Alison says

    Glad to hear that clean up days are happening! I look forward to joining in. Thanks for offer, Heidi, will be in touch as plans develop.

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