just a quickie update before i go to be a nurse

Posted: March 19, 2008 at 8:02 am

endora has a UTI, she is home and on ABX.

caro (aka jack) is better and has gone home now too.

NOD jesse, remains unfound…the vet clinic calls produced nothing. she did start to goof around and play abit on her walks yesterday and we walked her with phoebe (who she refrained from eating)…so now she is not quite so odd. hopefully odd will be replaced with normal as she continues to settle in.

i slept better last night and did not launch anyone off the bed that i am aware of.

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  • Tammy says

    Jack is happy to be home. He is once again enjoy his walks and the great outdoors, he really likes walking around on grass. His mom and dad and siblings are also happy to have him back.

  • So glad to hear that all the animals are doing better and that Jack is at home with the people that love him Tammy. Welcome big gentle giant and so glad that Jessie is a little more relaxed. I will see you all tomorrow. God bless everyone. Eva.

  • Hi Carol – I hope this works – I tried a while back, but the message wouldn’t go through this way & I don’t know what i am supposed to put in the box that says “website”. So, anyway, I was reading up on Endora going to the vet (a nightmare trip I am sure), and now has a UTI? I’m not sure what that is – could you enlighten one who is not that good at interpreting some initials! Thanks for everything Carol.

  • Carol says

    hi gail…she has a bladder infection…(Urinary Tract Infection…UTI…sorry!)but she is recovering well on her antibiotics, she actually did much better at the vets over night than i thought she would…sam had a heart attack when he went in but endora dealt with it much better.

  • Carol: Once again – thank you for clarifying Endora’s health issue. Glad she is doing well – she may go for years yet. Maybe it shows that females are made stronger and are able to adapt better. Poor old Sam – it was his time, and I am grateful that Endora has found a “replacement” (some females!!)
    Gail Glover

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