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Posted: March 29, 2008 at 7:06 am

lexi is starting to toddle around after me this morning, she walked from the bedroom to the kitchen and then to the cat room (the one that hardly any cats actually live in anymore!). she finally had a HUGE pee while i supported her a bit. that was starting to worry me yesterday…i can make fluids go in but i cannot make them come out again unless lexie is willing (or i insert a cathetor) and she was not willing til this morning. i really did not give her enough fluids yesterday…today i can pump her full. whew.

i have to go and get some hay for the barn before we let them all out (percy and his gate charging has changed how we do things around here) but i am afraid to leave her alone now that she is more mobile cuz she is going to try to follow me somehow and i don’t want her falling over in a not so great place as she tries to figure out where she should go to wait for me (like the outside cat run!) i think i will block off the dog door just in case.

well i better get moving, there is lot’s for me to do this morning before i leave for work and visitors are expected soon and we really need that hay.

i will try telling her to “stay” but i bet she doesn’t listen!

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  • Ms. Zoe says

    This is such a relief to hear. When I read the first blog I didn’t breathe for a few seconds.
    My thoughts are with Lexi ( and you), and I dearly hope her condition continues to improve.
    Tell her that she has to get better, she has her guard dog duties to uphold.

  • Bridget says

    if you need an errand run, carol, give me a call. 6044627849.

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