My vehicle needs to go to the Dr

Posted: March 29, 2008 at 7:20 pm

I’ve pushed it as far as I dare… I was almost stuck way up in North Van. I can’t get out to SAINTS tomorrow & am hoping someone can pitch in & help Carol with the barn in the morning ?  I think it is supposed to be a nice day… : – )

How’s Dex ?

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  • Tammy says

    I’ll be out there in the morning and can lend a hand.
    I’m sure Phoebe will enjoy helping also.

  • Carol says

    yes please tammy…i need help…i have a tour booked with the 2 new incoming cats and have to set up cages for them in the cat/little dog room plus everything else to do before i leave for work at noon. mo..good luck with your car, better you than me! dex is fine, the bleeding is quite minimal tonight but…. subject to change without notice.

  • Hi guys;

    Sorry I can’t come by til tomorrow a.m. as I have Chris’s daughter here until tomorrow am, but I will be there for sure tomorrow o.k. Eva Hope you liked the cupcakes.

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