Posted: July 3, 2008 at 11:29 am

jeanette passed from this life as she lived, full of gentle spirit and grace, rest in peace good friend.

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  • Chris T says

    Take care of yourself and Percy Carol. We are thinking about you.

  • Cheryl says

    I am sorry Jeanette..may you be healthy and happy on the other side. The right decision was made for you.

    Take care Carol and Percy..and the rest of the SAINTS volunteers and farm life.


  • Zoe says

    I am relieved to hear that Jeanette had a peaceful passing.
    Percy, I hope that on some level he can understand this situation… I think he can, or eventually will.
    Carol+ Percy+ Jeanette I’ll be thinking of you today…and tomorrow….
    For a beautiful portrait of Ms. Jeanette.

  • laura says

    It was a privilege to have met Jeanette and an honor to be with her at the end. Jeanette was an awesome cow, a gentle cow and a very brave cow. I feel Jeanette passed on her strength to Percy because he was such a good and brave boy the whole time. I will remember her last day….her savouring the delicious bites of granny smith apples….her lovingly licking Percy’s face….her passing gracefully in the loving arms of our special friend who gives her all to these animals. Bless you Carol and Bless you Jeanette…we will miss you!

  • lynne says

    hi carol i am glad jeanette is finally at peace and hopefully you are too. i was p at 230 this morning due to the lightning and thunder and one foster dog ben who was terrified. could not get him to settle so had to stay up with him. i was thinking aabout jeanette and hoping she was not too frightened of the storm. i was so hoping she would have a very peaceful quiet last night. hoaw did percy do? i wold have liked to have been there, in one way, but i do not deal well with animals passing so would have made matters worse as i said before i am glad i got the honor of becoming her friend and i wish more people would realize that cows and other farm animals can be pets and not just dinner. rest in peace jeanette.

  • lynne says

    oh oh i hear the thunder again. i hope this time i do not have atotal all nighter with ben. evelyn hurry up and get back. i love him but i need some sleep.

  • lynne says

    sorry it is me again. zoe i am not on facebook could you put the pic on the blog also i am hoping nicole might post my video and some of the pictures i took of jeanette.. i do not know howa to do it. thanks nicole.

  • I knew from the first time I met you Laura and Lana that you had what it takes. Thanks for being you. See you soon at Saints.

    Angelina you are too cool, Hope you stay in our lives for a long time. All the Saints. Eva

    Deb I feel your presence even when you are not there. I am glad Saints is connected to you, Chris and Angelina.

    Carol, I feel we lost a Mom again in Jeanette. But as we survived before we will again. Jeanette left us with lots of rain to take care of all her animals, even Ellie Mae. (smile) Even after she went through that heat wave. All our minds and hearts are full of love today and tomorrow. Thankyou Jeanette for being our Mom Saint.

  • Deb says

    Jeanette will remain at SAINTS forever… the cool breezes, the beautiful melting of day into night, in Percy, her baby of the heart. Jeanette will leave her mark, but it will be a gentle one, an unexplainable feeling of peacefulness, a gentle caress when it is needed most. Jeanette will never leave SAINTS, because grace lives on and on.

  • Rae says

    Rest in peace sweet Jeanette. All who met you where blessed by your presence. To Carol and all of her Saints and Helpers I am sorry for your loss, she will be greatly missed. I just have to say Jeanette had the kindest face, eyes so deep it was like you were looking directly into her soul, amazing!!

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