red has passed away

Posted: July 15, 2008 at 7:50 am

i had an appointment for him at noon today to help him to go but by suppertime last night i was pretty sure he would go on his own and he did. i think he preferred it that way, the clinic would have frightened him.

rest in peace sweet, shy, little cat, you were lovely.

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  • Chris T says

    Sorry to hear this Carol.

  • laura says

    Sorry to hear about Red. I never spend much time with the americats, so this past Sunday I made a point to clean their room and say hello to everyone.(gave Red a kiss & said goodbye, knew his time was soon) I’m so glad I visited them. What a special group of sweet and loving! They told me to come back soon, which I will gladly do!

  • jane says

    thinking of you, Carol, and that lovely cat.

  • Deb says

    Rest well, Red. You were loved.

  • Got to see lots of Red the latter part of his life and I sure enjoyed his quiet demeaner. He loved the little house. He spent alot of time in there. Rest in peace dear Red. Eva

  • Hillevi says

    Dear Red,

    May you rest in peace and be forever healed. You gave much in the short time since I met you and you didn’t deserve this disease, but I thank God for the day SAINTS took you home.

    Please say Hi to all of the other Pahrump kitties and to my Puddy. You are in my prayers.

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