decisions, decisions, decisions….

Posted: July 21, 2008 at 2:24 pm

steve is working on jesse’s private yard area, the posts are being cemented in as we speak. by the latter part of this week, jess will be able to come on outside and roll around in the grass whenever she wants.

i just cannot decide about the americats outside area, and i need to decide because that is next on the list. do we enclose it with a roof and a cement floor and make it an all weather porch or just wire the top and sides and leave them natural grass under their feet? if we leave it natural, on nice days it will be wonderful for them, but on crappy wet or snowy days, it won’t be of much use. AND…do i really even want them outside on crappy wet and cold days? probably not cuz they are all sick so i would prefer they hang by the fireplace instead.

ok, i guess i decided, open and natural…now i have to decide how long, how wide, how tall and what do we build inside it for them so they can climb around and have some fun.

3 Comments on "decisions, decisions, decisions…."

  • lynne says

    could you not put a roof on half of the enclosure and something for them to be in and leave the other side open that way they could enjoy all the days just a thought.

  • Emma says

    Could you put a roof on, wire two sides and put in a wood floor??

  • Carol says

    lol you guys…did i not just decide to leave au natural so it is like going outside into their own backyard?…quit making me re-think this, now i will be awake all night second guessing myself!

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