i woke up freaking out this morning

Posted: September 11, 2008 at 7:41 am

geez there is still a heck of alot to do…i think today is thursday and it would be better if it was tuesday but thank god it is not friday or i’d really be screwed…here’s me moving my butt into high speed…hope i don’t hurt myself. but first things first…oka wanted to sleep in his bedroom, it is quieter in there so i need to go check him…and i better go have a peek at carl and the sheep and see if he has gotten over his counting and multiplying sheep trauma.

i need to order more water and a full load of hay before i get distracted with organizing again.
looks like it will be a beautiful day

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  • mo says

    Hey,,, I mean Hay Lol Are we going to try & get some hay from the fellow that Steph provided the number for… they really liked it last year .

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