Attention All Staff and Volunteers

Posted: September 16, 2008 at 1:31 pm

Carol is asking you to attend the rescheduled shelter dog in-service on Sunday September 21st in the afternoon. At 1 pm, Carol will be doing a quick in-service on managing Oka and his blood sugars with appropriate crisis interventions with the shelter dog in-service to follow at 1:30. Deb will be doing a follow up behavioural crisis management in shelter dogs. It is vitally important that you attend this important information session. Please RSVP to Chris at Thanks everyone!

2 Comments on "Attention All Staff and Volunteers"

  • lynne says

    sounds very informative to me. i would like to learn more. maybe we can have a little potluck at the same time. i will bring something.

  • lynne says

    we could have the potluck after if you think it will distract from the lessons. or if noone wants to that is okay also.

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