so lately, i pretty much suck.

Posted: October 15, 2008 at 9:06 pm

yesterday i realized that when i put in for my vacation time for 2009 at work…i totally forgot to book my son’s wedding day off (he is the first of my kids to get married so it is kind of a big deal to me)…oooops. and then i actually had to phone him to remind me what the date was again cuz my memory banks were empty……tammy helpfully said i could pull my usual family occasion routine and pop in on the wedding on my lunch break….sheesh and ouch…it is true…i do pop in on family occasions like birthdays, xmas, thanksgiving dinner…before work, after work or at work for lunch….i suck. anyway thankfully when i looked at the rotation, his wedding is on a scheduled day off but i have to work the early 730 shift the next morning so that slightly sucks but at least i am off for the wedding, whew!
and today i had my whole evening shift planned out to a “T” so i could pop home around 430 pm (on my dinner break) and put the barn guys to bed. except….my hospital disharge did not get discharged until very late and by the time i got the admission done, it was well after dark. so here i am rushing home hours late for their dinner and bed when my phone rings…it is laura…not to worry the barn guys are all done. sheesh again and i still suck but laura thank god doesn’t!

sometimes i suck as a human being and i can accept this is true occasionally but sucking as a parent or caregiver is totally frightening cuz someone is depending on you!

i am home for work now…everyone looks fine to me tonight…two more afternoon shifts to go and then i am on holidays for a whole week!!!!

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  • Deb says

    Okay, you are not perfect, but who among us is? You don’t suck, you are simply human, with the flaws all humans have. You might want to cut yourself a little slack.

  • Carol says

    cutting oneself too much slack, too many times can cause you to become a………slacker!
    hah, pretty clever aren’t i?

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