i fell asleep watching “underdog”

Posted: October 31, 2008 at 2:55 am

this is like the third time i have tried to watch it and still don’t know how it ends…(ok, i can guess…it is a stupidly predictable movie, but i like movies with talking dogs, i think the dogs are funny.)

anyway…i end up in this freaking weird dream with talking, flying dogs and renee…renee? what are you doing in my dream?

i woke up…noticed my back is sore right in the shoulder blade and if i move wrong, it is taking my breath away. this somewhat sucks.

but…the floors got a late night clean up…this may bode well for when i finally wake in the morning. and cuddles the freak is freaking out cuz he just noticed i am no longer in bed so i better get back there before he tries to jump the gate.

sigh…i am constantly on call to their need.

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