a calf in dog’s clothing

Posted: July 7, 2009 at 12:37 am

thanks to laura for the photos

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  • Colleen says

    Soy milk.

    Eat noooo animals.

    Lynne, After I was there for a short time, directly and specifically after meeting Percy and Ellie, I too gave up ANY meat. Nice to meet another who felt that same kinship and comrade.

  • lynne says

    what beautiful pics , i especially love the one of percy and emily. and people say animals do not have feelings. let them look at this pic and see what they think then. good job laura

  • Sheila says


    If you follow this link it tells you about how to get spca certified beef delivered to your door. This is a news e letter I get and you can I am sure easily sign up for it on the spca website under farm animal welfare. It is usually this small but it is specific to british columbia usually (sometimes Canada)

  • lynne says

    percy is such a sweetheart what an amazing cow. people never see this side of an animal, if they did it would change their perspective forever.

  • lynne says

    how can you look ar emilys face and just not love it to bits.

  • Beverly says

    Moses had to wear that pink flowery coat???? Lmao

  • Carol says

    only when his blue but identical flowery coat was in the laundry….good thing dogs are somewhat color blind.

  • lynne says

    apparantly dogs can only see green and blue

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