dear god help me

Posted: July 13, 2009 at 1:58 am

i can’t find daphne 2..she was under my covers when i fell asleep but then i woke up to a dog fight in the kitchen..phebes was in a panic and bugging molly…there is a huge thunder and lightening storm. i settled everyone and went back to my bedroom…no daphne. i have torn the house apart..i can’t find her.

the doggy door was open to the yard, i didn’t lock it off at bedtime..i have walked the property for the last hour with a flashlight….i still can’t find her…oh my fucking god, where is she???? please don’t let her have gotten off the property. i am going back out..if anyone reads this please help me find her.

it is almost 4 am…i can’t find her..lucas started on the walls and doors while i was out.

i have walked our sign.

i am going to die if i don’t find her safe.

stupid dog.

5AM…no daphne anywhere..i am out of gas and need it to get a bit lighter so i can dig some gas out of the shed to keep looking for her.

i left a message with animal control that she is least it is getting light now and the storm is done,

i am sick with worry.


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