i did not want to wake up this morning

Posted: July 14, 2009 at 7:07 am

and when i did wake up (after 7  am!!!) the dogs did not want me to wake up yet either. they all squished in even tighter, stretched out even longer, made themselves even softer so i would want to stay where i was.

noooooo…i have to get up! so i did.

not much on the docket for me today…personal stuff…clean my bathroom and bedroom….saints stuff…diabetics, barn bedtime…take banjo to the vet, pick up and settle the new bunny and maybe get the recycling together and take that in too. i want to try not to have a crazy day but still get a few things done.

the weekend is coming up, my family will be here soon…back to work tomorrow for three shifts and then that whole whacky wedding weekend begins….i will need to convince all involved that i am a normal mother of the groom…that ought to be interesting.

animal control came yesterday and picked up our old stray dog..i will keep in touch with them on how he is doing.
soooo, reluctantly…let my last day off begin.

2 Comments on "i did not want to wake up this morning"

  • laura says

    I went into the house last night to meet the newest Saint Banjo……I’m in love!!

  • MJ Colquhoun says

    i was with Laura when she met Bandjo, she is a sweet little thing. Look out Lana I think Laura is going to have a lap dog as well

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