i am not posting anymore

Posted: July 29, 2009 at 5:34 am

until nicole gets worried looking at a nothing happening here blog.

(she has pics of all of the new guys and at some point she is going to post them so you guys have something to look at )

hah nicole…gotcha…eventually!


6 Comments on "i am not posting anymore"

  • laura says

    Nothing like a little strong arm early in the morning……but I agree. More pictures please Nicole. I checked the official results of the Shelter Challenge this morning and yes Saints won! Thanks so much to everyone who cared about our crew and took the time to vote.

  • Patti says

    Congrats on the win… I only wish it was $10,000.00

  • nicole says

    i figured that was what you were doing.
    give me a few moments to wake up and i will post some on the blog and get working on the new photo album.

  • vadie says

    CONGRATS on your win!

  • Chris T says

    How much did SAINTS win?

  • Carol says

    $1000…it will cover watsons neuter, ear flush, eye assessment and meds (he looks like he has gluacoma) daphnes xray and ECG, and maybe (or maybe not) jesse’s tumuor removal…probably not banjo’s and lucas’s upcoming dentals…but regardless, a thousand dollars goes a long way around here in medical bills so we are very happy for the help.

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