looking for volunteers for sept 13th to be in three different places

Posted: August 22, 2009 at 7:17 am

besides being a sunday at the sanctuary and needing to cover the animal care here…both surrey and chilliwack SPCA’ s have invited us to join their individual community “paws for a cause” events so we need volunteers to man those saints information tables.

this is also the day after our big fundraiser…..usually, i just torture myself by taking on too many things at once for me to do…but now i am asking to torture you guys too because i think it is very kind of both SPCA’s to include us and i would like us to join them if possible and it’s a good opportunity to reach out into the communities by tagging into a well planned annual event.

BUT…the animals at saints come first…so can we get a list going in the comment section below on who is available and for where, keeping in mind that i might cancel one or both of the out trips if the saints themselves will end up running too short of care?

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