saints saturday afternoon

Posted: August 22, 2009 at 3:09 pm

everyone was gone by 2pm…the place is neat, clean and tidy. the animals and i all just woke up from a nap. caspar’s, bloodsugars are low, he is starting to vomit so i gave him a snack. out in the fields the horses are grazing in the warm late afternoon sun. the goats are dozing in the open barn, both pigs are sound asleep, the sheep are in their favorite spot and carl is standing and watching over them.

and here is the heart swell….percy is laying and thoughtfully chewing his cud, pondering whatever it is that he thinks about. joy is spooned in behind him, laying her head across his hip as emily lays at her shoulder and brushes the flies from her face by rubbing against joy’s neck.

those cows have the good life down to an art….eat well, rest well in the warm sun and surround yourself with friends.

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