just a quickie

Posted: August 27, 2009 at 6:44 pm

the house computer is all messed up and i do not like the laptop out in the office.
endora ate on her own today…woo hoo! maybe we might make it thru this and she can come home soon!
edwina’s foot is a bit better…step…hobble, step..hobble. hope she is fully recovered by saturday so i can skip the whole vet experience with her.
as for the rest, we will just pretend all is very quiet and boring around here right now…at least until i get the new computer fixed…too much hassle to complain over here.

sorry, that is it for now, i got stuff to do in the house.

2 Comments on "just a quickie"

  • nicole says

    popped in at eastridge on the way home from saints and caylee said she was eating quite well today.

  • Kevin says

    do you need some help with the computer .. i am Joyce and Bruce Smith son and do this for a living let me know or mum know and i will see what i can do

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