the weiner, the mouth, and the blue voodoo doll

Posted: February 10, 2010 at 10:54 am

daphne is the weiner….anyone who has seen that dog fly around here knows her front end goes in one direction and her ass goes in another. with too much space in between, her body has 2 mobility control centers that do not work very well together in sync….it really is a stupid design idea for a dog.

kodi is the mouth…anything that moves any faster than a very slow crawl is to be herded, rounded up, and penned.

the voodoo doll is daphne’s blue monkey.

so last night at bedtime…everyone is excited and milling around. daphne is darting here and there, under everyones belly to reach me for her lift up onto the bed. the weiner is in high speed..the front half knows where it is going, her ass doesn’t have a clue.

the mouth is after her ass end… hot on the trail of something badly in need of herding and confinement.

the little weiner did not know what to do…she kept steering her front end out of danger from the scary mouth but her ass-end kept veering right towards the gaping jaws of the beast. the more she looked over her shoulder to see where that damn ass was going now, the more both her front and back end got looked like her ass was toast.

suddenly from high above a hand reached way far down and grabbed that weiner going in 2 different directions and stuck her up on the bed.
daph took a brief second to say thanx for the helping hand and then she grabbed her blue monkey and whipped his freaking ass.

i am pretty sure that blue monkey is now a blue voodoo effigy of a certain blue cattle dog…watch out kodi, dark magic is brewing and coming for you, you pissed off the wrong little weiner…you better look out.

7 Comments on "the weiner, the mouth, and the blue voodoo doll"

  • Kim says

    I love your “ass” stories– Daphne’s, or any old ass seems to warrant a liitle news of the day!!
    Her ass going in 2 directions is quite remarkable!

  • Elizabeth says

    I am loving your renditions of life at Saints. Clearly a loving heart, but more poinantly, a good dose of humour is ever present.

  • erin says

    a cattle dog? hell thats no match for daphne, who can put the run on the most feared breed of dog ever (oh mighty rotti)and a rather large example of one too! poor ootah! poor kodi! haha!

  • Jenn says

    haha too funny I can’t wait to come up saturday and see how Kodi is coming more and more out of his shell … last week he was even trying to herd me! Both Daphne and I sought refuge on the bed … its like Jaws …

  • Hillevi says

    LMAO – and I’m not supposedto laugh cause I have a swollen jaw! Carol, I envy your ability to write. I can picture poor Daph and that poor blue monkey.

  • Cerredwin says

    Daphne is so adorable, I love the mini me pics of her and Ootah, he looks quite happy in sharing the game of sticking his face right into the water to retrieve things on the bottom, and Daphne looks triumphant!

  • Jenn Hine says

    If people want to see “mini me” pics … visit SAINTS rescue facebook group (blue link on right hand side). They are posted there.

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