oh yay

Posted: February 15, 2010 at 7:28 am

…mandy is leaning to the left today…stroke? neck pain?…ear? vestibular? yikes… these 2 little dog dogs are such a worry. max is better, no further vomitting..he is eating again.

ootah is out on a foster trial…mo went to see him last night and apparently he is doing great. he has a young dog for a wrestling buddy, an old dog for stability (remember our harley?) and 2 great humans to take care of them all. we will see how he does.

i got bit again last night…4lane and kodi were freaking out at my feet while i was trying to draw up the insulin. they both wanted to be near me and it was too close of a proximitry…that one hurt..they knew i was pissed off. if they want to torment each it is fine with me but my feet and legs are innocent so keep yer freaking teeth off of me!

i had hoped i had a great home for esther but they are not ready yet (still grieving their loss of their old girl)

oh well…she is as good a dog as my old lexie….and lexie never got a home til i gave her me…maybe i will one day give myself to esther too….i just hope something better comes along for her some day soon.

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  • lynne says

    esther is a great dog, she is sweet , she is quiet and just a joy to be around. if dawn had not taken myles, she would have been perfect. i keep calling her este anyways. hope she finds someone to love her. we do but i mean a forever home.

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