honestly..i am a freaking moron…. why did i not think of this before?!

Posted: March 2, 2010 at 9:17 pm

i was talking to mo tonight and whining about shit and then i started chuckling and said…”it is not like i didn’t dig my own grave around here” and mo said…”i hate to tell you, but you are still digging it.”

oh right…yay.

anyway..i said something else to her too while i was feeling sorry for myself….i said..”i would just like someone to come here and put on my shoes for a freaking month..AND they better not mess things up while i am gone!”
mo said…”yeah! or you won’t come back home!”

oh…hmmmm….that thought has merit.

anyone up for a 30 day life trade???

my ass and ankles could use a break.

plus…you could get your head shaved for me.

2 Comments on "honestly..i am a freaking moron…. why did i not think of this before?!"

  • Colleen says

    “anyone up for a 30 day life trade???”

    Hey…you couldn’t make it past 36 hours. I figure you would barely squeak by 24 hours. ( and that’s with setting up cameras in and around the property )

  • Hillevi says


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