heads up to the house volunteers today…

Posted: April 10, 2010 at 6:45 am

i am keeping gwen in the entranceway but…before i leave for work this morning, i will shift her over to the big dog room crate so she is not in the way and won’t hurt herself if she gets too excited. she can come out for pee breaks and a drink/snack (she and perdy had a pee break at 6 am) …on leash…be careful, she is very strong..do not let her pull away from you.

i will put her back in the entranceway after i get home when it is more settled and quiet here.

keep lola (easily identifiable by her cone head) in the house….no field runs for her…she can go out in the front yard for a quick pee.

nina has been stroking/seizuring again recently…try to keep just her and a couple of nice, quiet dogs in the kitchen with her…no jewel, no griffins, no mongolian monsters….they are easily irritated with her.

4lane went for a sleep over with renee…he may be back today or tomorrow. in any case keep kodi out of my bedroom..he can have the big dog room with the gate closed.

erin…call me re little big bud….. kim…call me re doris. 604-339-5144

hope all goes well today.

re:sunday and next weekend with lynne/brenda away…i am working but i can do stuff around the house on my lunch breaks and after work so no need for anyone to kill themselves to do it all. any areas fully done are a bonus, i can do the others when i am here.

4 Comments on "heads up to the house volunteers today…"

  • laura says

    Laura and Lana will be there on Sunday.

  • Renee says

    Hey, 4lane wont be comming back until monday, im keeping him all weekend 🙂

  • Kim says

    Robert, me and maybe Matthew will be in tomorrow, so we will do walking/ toileting for the mp dogs.
    Today went really well. Doris did not shake at all. We walked her and Yoshi at a nice slow pace around the school yard field and they both got lots of scratches, brushing, cuddles and some trimming of matted fur. They were A+ in behavior. Dusty got a nice walk and lots of brushing. And surprise! Lucky wanted to go out! She did a good pee and lay in the sun and loved all the one on one attention…a great day!

  • Renee says

    Carol, can you post the email I sent you?? And let everyone know about the petition?? Thanks!!!

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