frodo’s great adventure…number__X__????

Posted: April 16, 2010 at 1:32 pm

frodo was stowing away again today. and i yet again was unaware…. until i came out of the feed store after about 45 minutes with my windows down, the back of the van wide open while i was away…waiting for the guys to load me up and discovered frodo quietly sitting in my drivers seat, waiting for me to finish my running around.

why he did not hop out to investigate is beyond me, but thank god he waited patiently in the van for my return.

shut up and drive lady ….

that cat and his sneaky stow away ways are going to be the death of both of us one day.

anyway..he was good company on the way home, he lounged around on the passenger seat content to be out for a nice sunny drive for a bit of the day.

he is such an odd cat…must have been a foot loose and fancy free trucker in a previous life.

6 Comments on "frodo’s great adventure…number__X__????"

  • Angela H. says

    What a cute Frodo pic! How fun to have a furry companion to drive around with…

  • Helga says

    Not so much fun when you have to take him home again. When he stowed away in my car I only discovered him as I was leaving Liquidation World and caught a movement out of the corner of my eye – Frodo luxuriously stretching on the back seat. Had to run him back up to Saints post haste before they sent out a search party and I got charged with catnapping.

  • Colleen says

    Hahaha! Good caption Jenn!

    Laughing again….I would have loved to have heard the conversation you had with him on the way back up Helga. hehehehe!!

  • Mo says

    I too have a Frodo story that almost had me drive off the road late at night … the little creep, crept into the front seat & practically gave me a freaking heart attack… Great caption Jenn… sooo frodo !

  • Marisa says

    My GOD!! He looks just like my cat, Cobweb!

  • SteveO says

    Ya n you bought this cat a trailer….:shock:…..maybe next time yu’ll buy him a Van……….:wink:………..:wink:

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