i am just waiting to leave for coquitlam mall

Posted: April 20, 2010 at 2:13 pm

no i am not shopping..i will be hanging out til the hospital calls that jenn is ready to come home after her surgery (mama wants to be close and not worry about things like rush hour traffic interferring between me and my daughter’s needs!)
so i am looking around here as they all sleep and i am thinking…
jewel will be next, then nina, then maude, maybe lola, maybe jenny…kodi will be soon too. lilith’s death is coming up and so is sweet pea and sidney the cats..maple still doesn’t look so shit hot…and who is hiding something that i don’t know about? who is waiting to spring a sad surprize on me? how many more are going to go in the next few weeks?

i get so morbid after a death around here.

shit..maybe i will just go now to the mall and go back to worrying about jenn.

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  • laura says

    Jenn, wishing you a speedy recovery. Will you be out of commission for a while? Who will be my tour buddy?

  • Mauro Salles says

    Your thinking is very similar to mine. Who’s next? The difference is that I add “WOW! Maybe it’s me!” I do not write it with nihilist intentions, but to establish a point of view: the contact with what we believe to be the end generates power and capacity of reaction, because after a while we have only one option: let’s go on, in the same way that dogs and cats do. And here they come again, helping us.

  • Colleen says

    Jenn…wobble back soon! ( I bet you’ll be here to bed buddy the bed buddies this weekend!

  • Mauro Salles says

    And here they come again, helping us … or driving us crazy.

  • Colleen says

    “Smiling at Mauro”

  • Mauro Salles says

    LOL, Colleen. We are sometimes forced to learn to laugh at strange, absurd, implausible or tragic things … or simply ridicule them. An example of my idol Groucho Marx: “A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

  • Jenn says

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. The surgery was a success … took a little hamstring for my new ACL and repaired some meniscus (sp?) damage. Mom was a good mom and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else looking after me to and fro (so a shout out to her work for letting her take the day off and to the SAINTS who let me have her for the day).

    I am feeling good on these pain meds …. yes I am. I am hoping mom will be daphne for a visit this week and if I am feeling up to it I may also come up for some bedbuddy sitting which is one of my favorite things to do —Laura I can be a tour stop “here is Jenn, Carol’s 26 yr old daugher who likes to loiter around her and do as little as possible …” hehe.

    I bought season 1 of Xena Warrior Princess from Costco so perhaps the bed buddies and I can watch that this weekend.

  • laura says

    That will be just about as good as the tour stop “and this is Frodo’s trailer” But Jenn don’t under estimate yourself…bedbuddy sitting is a lot of work keeping all those little tongues from your face! Also I did see you actually pickup a poop last weekend..lol

  • Colleen says

    “An example of my idol Groucho Marx: “A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

    LOVE that!

    Jenn, you said “I am feeling good on these pain meds …. yes I am. I am hoping mom will be daphne for a visit this week.

    Your Mom will turn into whomever you like! If you want her to be Daphne…she will be!


    Sleep well on the sweet meds Kiddo!

  • Jenn says

    lol no actually I woundn’t want mom to BE daphne … because then she would just want me to throw the ball and not do a very good job of looking after me. But I would like mom to BRING daphne to me … I am still lovin these pain meds but for some reason could not sleep a wink last night.

  • lynne says

    speedy recovery jenn. maybe you can hang out with gwen. lol hope gwen is doing better too. remember we have our hanging baskets this weekend.

  • Marisa says

    Hey Jenn,

    Do you play sports? It looks like I, too, need surgery on my knee and I’m pretty freaked out about it. Nice to hear from someone who’s been through it fairly successfully. Here’s to a quick recovery.

  • Jenn says

    I played sports when I was younger but not so much recently. I did firdst tear my ACL playing softball 5 years ago and then tore the rest of it about a year ago. My knee would slip out quite frequently which was painful and swollen … I decided to do the surgery because it was affecting my daily life. I would recommend it.

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