Posted: May 5, 2010 at 6:35 am

my silly dogs – all in a row.
carley is in her dinosaur costume. and still is right now actually. they’re all at work with me.

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  • Amy says

    What a wonderful crew.

    Nicole, I saw in another post that you were attempting to go vegan, but were missing chocolate. I have two words for you…Rescue Chocolate. Check out their website This may be a great way to reward yourself for jobs well done. Oh, I understand they also help with fundraising.

  • nicole says

    thanks amy, i will check them out. i have found cocoa camino to save me. dark chocolate and mint. a very nice treat!

  • Jenn says

    where do you get these costumes? the lobster one is my favorite.

  • lynne says

    is carly always the scapegoat? she is pretty freaking darn cute do not tramatize her. i always liked carly she must like getting dressed up. what about shrek and fiona. they wold be cute dressed up too.

  • Colleen says

    Ahhh Shrek. I finally met the studly eye candy pooch a couple weeks back. My gawd does he have *presence*.

    In my next life I will collect Shreks, not German Shepherd Dogs.

    ( but don’t tell Watcher, Ticket or Henry that )

    When you bring Fiona out Nicole, come and grab me in the loft…I want to meet her too!

  • emma says

    You mean all that lot are down at the Emerg Clinic right now? What a sight! Who is the one on the far left?

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