we have had a terrible night..

Posted: May 7, 2010 at 7:34 am

bibi’s diarrhea is so horrible. the watery mess is just pouring out of him. he is sore and lame this morning from his frantic continued pacing..he hardly slept, just barked most of the night. and he needs a bath today.

i slept in this morning so renee got stuck with his early morning diasterous mess…when angelina gets here we will pull out the fridge to get what seeped in under there cleaned up too.

we will switch both rooms onto straight gastro diet until his guts settle down from the trauma inside his head. he was already wormed and is on flagyl from the shelter vet but i think i will call one of our clinics and ask about mildly sedating with a low dose of valium or acevet for him for a few days too.

extreme anxiety, extreme emotional trauma shuts off the brain..they can’t see, hear or process things in normal ways. it affects every part of their bodies, including their bowels. bb appears to be not only a highly emotionally sensitive dog but one who does not deal with change very well.

oh well…it is not like we have not been here before in some animal’s emotionally hellish melt-down nightmare….it just would be easier to deal with it without the diarrhea…that extra one thing around here is really a drag.

and this too shall pass (i tell myself over and over again.)

it is ok bb, everything is fine, you (and i) will believe it again one day.

it doesn’t feel like that now though

3 Comments on "we have had a terrible night.."

  • Kim says

    What a sweet looking dog- part lion, part wolf.

  • Bateau says

    Kim – its funny you say lion because a few times I actually shaved his entire body only leaving a tip of his tail and any above his collar. lol everyone said he looks so much like a lion. Wish I could fined a picture to show you.

  • Kim says

    That would be great to see! I just saw him today- what a beautiful dog! I know some people are partial to purebreds, not me. I’ve always found the different mixes interesting and intelligent. Bibi has a very alert face. I walk a chow every day and when she’s trimmed she looks like a cross between a lion/black bear.

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