well what do you know…

Posted: May 7, 2010 at 12:51 pm

bibi is finally relaxing and sleeping, comfy on the yoga bed in the kitchen with little larry curled in at his shoulder. that is nice to see…too bad i can’t lay down there and join them cuz i am kind of tired today too but sadly, there is a mountain of laundry still to do.
plus the medication re-order scripts are ready for pick up from the vets so i have to run into town and back to pharmacy ( already been there once today.)

little big bud does have cushings disease so he starts on his meds today. and we have added an anti inflamatory and a pain med to bibi’s mix. the vet said ok to the low dose of valium but now i am thinking we won’t need to if he is done freaking out.

and i should figure out who needs vet visits next week and get those appointments booked. i know yoshi needs his eye re-checked, i am thinking esther might also benefit from a cushings test but i think everyone else is ok for now anyway.

so i guess i can go clean my bathroom, put some of my personal clean laundry away and then do some other saints stuff for the rest of the day.

hopefully bibi has a very long afternoon nap…poor old guy, he really exhausted himself with his emotional angst….hopefully now that he has taken a deep breath and relaxed, things will get easier for him now!

4 Comments on "well what do you know…"

  • suzanne says

    I wish I were closer than Tennessee… I would come and just sit in his “area” reading a book and simply be there if he wanted something more. He has REALLY tugged at my heartstrings from afar and I wish I were close enough to meet him and be able to offer him a retirement home.

  • Mo says

    way to go Bibi , keep it up. Carol I left you a voicemail message… can you pick it up sometime tonight.

    Sounds like a busy day

  • Bateau says

    Awwww…..poor you Carol have to deal with all this mess. I’m so sorry, if there is anything else I can help you with other then being onsite where Bi-Bi can see me I can try to assist you when I come back to town after May 16. I hope Bi-Bi will be done with his water mess!

  • Mauro Salles says

    How is Jewel? Feeling better?

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