kodi is in pain tonight

Posted: May 21, 2010 at 11:30 pm

that tumour is getting so big now. i gave him 100 mgs of tramadol at 8 pm…i will give him 100 mgs more at midnight.

i think i will bump merry out of her vet appointment tomorrow and take kodi instead. he is too tough and proud a dog to be laid low by pain so near to the end.

Yo,┬ácheck out my curves (tumor). Impressive I’m still alive and herding eh?
KodiKodi's tumor

kodi is such a pain in the ass…a rabble rouser..a constant chaos storm. but this is his mission in life here…..hall moniter-extrordinaire….the one who keeps the rest of his world running scared….a slightly mixed up about who to herd, yet still a very determined cattle dog..(who happens to focus on herding other dogs instead of cattle.)

ahhh kodi, every dog needs a job and you found a job that fit you so well. i am pretty sure that saints will be quieter and more peaceful when you are gone, but i for one am really going to miss you.

please sleep well tonight, i love you…..you freaking crazy holy terror.

3 Comments on "kodi is in pain tonight"

  • lynne says

    i will miss him too, despite the fact he is a pain in the ass. there is something about him.

  • marie bellemare says

    Thinking of all of you SAINTS beings and specially Kodi, surrounding him with comforting vibes…

  • lynne says

    hoping someone shows up this morning besides anne. i will be there eventually but my knee is swollen up due to a fall yesterday and i can hardly walk. carol do you have any more animal pee dads i told evelyn i would have a look for little mister. if you are not using them could i take some to her. shit my knee hurts.

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