and i am sorry but…

Posted: August 25, 2010 at 9:11 pm

fruit loop cereal is quite seriously disgusting!

NOT these fruitloops


3 Comments on "and i am sorry but…"

  • Jenn says

    how random! it took me a minute to figure out this one sentence .. I saw “fruit loop” and I thought of the fruit loop cats and I saw “disgusting” and thought geez what are they pissing on now. But now I see you are actually talkinhg about the breakfast cereal and in that regards I have no comment. I need go to bed I am so very tried. Night.

  • Ann C says

    Now I am laughing out loud, you two should be on stage as a comedy act or write a book or something, too funny!

  • Angela H. says

    I think Eric would disagree with you.

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