a very sad day at saints

Posted: August 28, 2010 at 2:16 pm

sometime during the night or the early morning hours, a racoon ripped thru the chicken wire roof of the chicken pens and killed quiet. i am not sure when it happened, neither the dogs nor myself heard anything during the night and our areas are only a few yards away from the backyard pens. maybe it happened this morning after i had left for work..i just do not know.

i am so sorry quiet that your life ended so violently and i am so sorry for the saturday morning volunteers who found you and helped lay your body to rest.

when i came home for lunch i went out to the pens to see how the murdering animal had gotten in..quiet’s pen was swept completely clean…just his empty house and a small jar with red wild roses sitting forlornly alone in the center of the starkly empty pen.

rest in peace quiet….you were well loved..hugs to mama duck for the terrible loss of her friend.


Peace & Quiet

3 Comments on "a very sad day at saints"

  • lynne says

    how very very sad. such a good life at saints and to end up dying this way. rest in peace little duck. i dont see the barn animals very much but am so sorry.

  • laura says

    Words can not express how very sad this is….big hugs to K.O. and Wendy….what a unbelievabley hard task you had today….Quiet you will be missed.

  • K.O. says

    So sorry for you to go this way Quiet and so sorry to Carol for your loss of a lovely “litle man duck”(that’s what I called him when he was getting his weekend treats of peas and lettuce).Peace and Quiet are now together again. You will be missed by mama duck very much.

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