well the results are in…

Posted: November 1, 2010 at 9:16 am

sadly and we did not make it this time…so close. anyway the new round has started so we can try again if folks are up to it for a second time.

the contest rules:..one person, one vote, per idea, per day. 10 votes total to spread around…maybe senior homeless animals will get lucky yet…you just never know.

congratulations to the all of winners…they were all great causes to make the world a better place!

9 Comments on "well the results are in…"

  • Laura says

    Yes, lets go for it! We can learn from the last one….lets brainstorm with ideas to get votes media etc. I BELIEVE

  • Brenda says

    I BELIEVE too!

  • Sandi says

    The result was disappointing but, as you say, all of the causes were worthy.

    I have a suggestion for the next round – try for $10,000 instead of $25,000 as there are more opportunities to win. All of $10,000 is much better than none of $25,000, even though every penny could be well-used and the sound of $25,000 is soooo seductive!

  • nicole says

    thanks everyone for voting for us. we can’t change the $ category as we are automatically re-entered into the next (current) set.

  • Sheila says

    I have some ideas. Instead of posting I will phone you Carol. Or someone else if Carol is too busy.

  • Laura says

    Can we get those handouts that we had at the Wishes for Whiskers Auction K.O. and I want to give them out to all our animal loving customers plus we can have them at all the vets and feed stores for customers to take.

  • erin says

    i am the only one who doesnt understand the refresh project funded ideas? or maybe im misunderstanding exactly how they tally…

  • poppy says

    Good plan Laura and how about YOU (as in Saints) call the news station this time around, say a week or so before voting ends? Get some big publicity going! In the meantime, me, hubby and 3 kids will put in our daily votes 🙂

  • Louise says

    VOTED!! Manifest positive thoughts and spread the word, we will succeed this round.

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