saints welcomes chester

Posted: November 7, 2010 at 7:10 pm

the little alberta FIV street cat.

go figure because chester is the most unique looking cat i have ever seen. he is a tabby and white…but he is not a brown tabby, grey tabby or black tabby and white…he is literally a deep milk chocolate, mahogany tabby and white…i have never seen this color on a tabby cat before.

i do believe he is part siamese…chester was gifted with two crossed eyes and i am sure that the mahogany color comes from his siamese gene pool.

anyway…he was totally freaked out when i picked him up without incident from the airport and the crossed eyes made him look even more freaked out if possible. he is a very sweet and sensitive cat. and he is currently chilling out in the back cat room in a holding pen until i am sure he has acclimatized, eating and drinking well and is safe to set loose here.

welcome chester..i bonded with you on friday before i even met you because the airlines accidentally lost you….now that you are safely here….i hope eventually you will choose to bond with me too.
and you are such a beautiful cat…maybe we will find you the perfect home of your own, one day soon!!

Here are a couple pics Tammy snapped of Chester today


In case you missed it here is the post about how the airline originally LOST Chester and he ended up making a round trip back to Edmonton, poor fella:

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